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At Kent Lee Law, it is our goal to provide needed information for the process on which you are embarking, material that will reduce your stress and make the process less intimidating, and to reduce your future attorney’s fees. We have compiled a list of some of our most frequently asked questions over twenty-plus years of working with clients going through this process.

We hope that by providing answers to your questions, we will help make the process of choosing a lawyer easier on you.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our office to speak with a lawyer or a paralegal.


  •  What are My Responsibilities as a Client?

    Recognizing that the Firm cannot effectively represent you without your cooperation and assistance, you must cooperate fully with the Firm and provide promptly all information known or available to you relevant to the Firm’s representation, including providing information and documents requested in a timely fashion, assisting in discovery, disclosure and trial or hearing preparation, cooperating in scheduling and related matters, responding to telephone calls and correspondence in a timely manner, and informing the Firm of changes in your address and telephone numbers, etc. You agree to truthfully inform us of all facts and information related to the representation and scope of engagement. We have the right, and in some cases perhaps the obligation, to withdraw if you misrepresent or fail to disclose material facts to the Firm.
  •  How do Arizona Disclosure Rates Effect my Case?

    The purpose of the rules is to reduce the time and expense involved in family law litigation. The Rules encourage early Court involvement in case management, require disclosures by the parties and contain presumptive discovery limits and deadlines. A benefit to be derived is that both sides should know relatively early on in any case the relative strengths and weaknesses of the respective sides. The Rules were designed precisely for that purpose, to allow both sides to access the whole case well in advance of trial, and to focus their resources on exchanging information and resolving the dispute rather than waging costly discovery battles.
  •  How Long Will it Take to Have My Case Resolved?

    Perhaps the most frustrating element of Family Law litigation is the pace at which a case proceeds. Family Law often includes issues that need immediate attention in the eyes of the litigants. However, the Courts are inundated with such issues in most cases. Accordingly, a litigant’s need or emergency is not viewed with the same urgency by the Court. In addition, some parts of the litigation process just take time, i.e., collecting documents, meeting and discussing issues with attorneys and clients, finding time in the Court’s busy calendar. In the end, the Family Law arena does not move as quickly as we would often prefer. Client patience is perhaps the most helpful attribute with which a client can be imbued. Patience can make the process less stressful. Minimizing stress makes the litigation more effective. We know it is not easy to be patient amidst the issues that are Family Law. However, we encourage your patience. We know from long years of experience that patience will make your Family Law experience easier and more successful.
  •  How Much Will My Case Cost?

    The Firm takes into account many factors in billing for services rendered, and we will review all of your statements before they are mailed to you to make certain the amount charged is appropriate. In general, the principal factor in determining fees is who performs the work and that person’s hourly rates. Most statements for services are simply the products of the hours worked multiplied by the hourly rates for the attorneys and non-attorney professionals who performed the work. During our representation, the Firm may incur expenses for items such as long distance telephone calls, computer aided legal research, photocopying, messenger services, postage, filing and recording fees, depositions, expert witness fees, document preparation fees, investigator costs, travel expenses, lodging, parking fees, subpoena charges, or other out-of-pocket costs. Those expenses, termed “disbursements”, are not included in the attorney’s hourly rate. The Firm will not incur substantial disbursements without first obtaining your consent. Clients should also expect a monthly retainer fee.
  •  How Private Will My Information Be?

    Our attorney staff will have responsibility for your representation and will utilize the services of non-attorney professionals-paralegals, legal assistants, legal secretaries- of the Firm as necessary, in the best exercise of professional judgment. It is also important to understand that our work on your case commences upon your retaining the firm. Any initial consultation is separate and apart from work on your case. In many instances the initial consultation occurs some time prior to retention. Although some of the information discussed in an initial consultation may sometimes be helpful, once retained, the initial consultation is not part of the engagement and the firm is not bound by information obtained in the initial consultation. As a professional courtesy, our office will cooperate with opposing counsel, opposing parties, expert witnesses, court reporters and interpreters, and other clients to schedule and/or reschedule events in your case as long as that cooperation does not negatively impact your legal interests. The Firm recommends that all clients immediately change passwords and other security access codes to e-mails, I-phones and other electronic devices and take other appropriate steps to insulate communications and information. Please also consider disabling or canceling previously forwarded e-mails and applications that provide automatic access of information to others. All communications between the Firm and client are protected. Much communication between the client and others during the period of our relationship should be confidential. These precautions are strongly recommended.