Grandparents’/Third-Party Rights

Grandparents-Playing-BaseballGrandparents’/Third-Party Rights refer to the right of grandparents and third-parties to file suit for custody of or visitation with a grandchild or minor child with whom he/she has had a close relationship and the relationship has been severed or blocked by parents or guardians.  In the United States, these rights are not guaranteed by the Constitution, nor are they based in case law, the body of law that develops from customs and court decisions.  Instead these rights have come from state legislatures passing statutes.  After a statute is passed, court decisions involving the statute effect the way the law is interpreted and administered (case law).

Suits for visitation rights may be filed when the parents have denied grandparents or third-parties access to children to whom the grandparents are related or to whom the third-parties have had a close bond.  The statutes have strict grounds for when a party may file such a petition.  Each is very fact intensive and should be reviewed carefully with an experienced family law attorney.  Courts are required to give special consideration to the wishes of a parent, if the parent appears to be acting in the best interest of the child, when the courts make final determinations on visitation and/or legal decision-making.

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